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As an elderly member of society, you are likely aware that there are steps you must take toward planning for Medicaid in order to avoid depleting your life savings. The costs which are associated with long-term care are extremely high, and without proper planning, you can end up spending all of your own money on healthcare instead of leaving your assets to your children or loved ones. It is important that you not only understand how you can qualify for Medicaid, but also what can disqualify you.

Contact an Irving elder law attorney from J. Roland Jeter, P.C. can assist you with managing your costs through Medicaid planning.

Qualifying for Medicaid Through Smart Planning

Medicaid planning combines the reallocation of your assets with traditional estate planning. This helps you to achieve Medicaid eligibility while allowing you to maintain independence with your finances. It is very important that you do not wait until a crisis to meet with an attorney for Medicaid planning. That way, you can maximize your benefits if you are diagnosed with an illness or become disabled. Even if your current assets or income exclude you from Medicaid eligibility, Roland can help you plan for the future.

With proper advance planning, Mr. Jeter may be able to assist you with:

  • Transferring your assets to your chosen beneficiaries
  • Pre-paying your funeral and related expenses
  • Setting aside money for your daily expenses

Qualifying for Medicaid to pay for medical care and nursing home costs will be made much easier with the help of Mr. Jeter. He has more than 35 years of experience serving clients throughout Irving, Las Colinas, Valley Ranch, Grapevine, Hurst, Bedford, and Arlington.

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