Debt Reconstructing

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Debt reconstruction, or restructuring, is the process in which borrowers negotiate new terms of a loan agreement with their lenders to establish a new payment schedule they can honor. This is especially common with business owners who are experiencing financial strain: debt reconstructing allows them to avoid defaulting on their loans, avoid bankruptcy, and maintain control over their enterprise.

Attorney J. Roland Jeter serves as counsel at McCarthy Law PLC, a premier debt relief firm with locations throughout the U.S. At the Irving branch, Mr. Jeter provides thorough, attentive debt relief services for those in need of debt reconstruction solutions. He brings his hallmark of integrity, proficiency, and compassion to all the Texas individuals, families, and businesses who come to him looking for assistance in building a better financial future.

Mr. Jeter also serves as Counsel to McCarthy Law PLC. Contact him to see how he can help.

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Benefits of Debt Reconstructing

Debt restructuring offers a number of different benefits for the borrower. Instead of defaulting or transitioning to bankruptcy, debt reconstruction opens up a collaboration between borrower and lender so that both can work together and find a new agreement that still speaks to both their needs.

For the borrower, debt reconstructing can mean avoiding:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Defaulting on loan payments
  • Business failure
  • Additional legal fees
  • Student loan debts

"Why do I need a lawyer?"

Proper counsel has a key role in the reconstructing process. Not every lender, commercial or otherwise, can be expected to know this process and the laws associated with creating mutually beneficial debt agreement. A proven Irving debt relief attorney can ensure that your interests are spoken for in the negotiation process and that the final, amended agreement addresses your needs and allows you to grow towards liquidity and profitability once again.

Mr. Jeter is well-versed in these types of debt relief actions and is prepared to bring a comprehensive approach to your debt recovery. Not only has he assisted countless clients restructure their commercial debts, but has helped scores of others with debt settlement and student loan debt.

Ensure that your debt relief representation has the knowledge and insight to secure you results. Contact Mr. Jeter for a consultation today.

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