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Many people have likely heard the term “Chapter 11” when it comes to bankruptcy before. In fact, this type of bankruptcy receives a lot of press coverage because several major corporations have used it in the past. K-Mart, General Motors, United Airlines, and Lehman Brothers are just a few who have utilized this procedure to reorganize their debts and stay afloat. However, the vast majority of Chapter 11 bankruptcies don’t receive any press coverage at all because they come from small, local businesses who utilize it as a last option to try to keep their doors open. If your business is struggling and you’re considering reorganizing in order to stay afloat, you need an Irving bankruptcy attorney from J. Roland Jeter, P.C. on your side!

Attorney Jeter recognizes that business clients who come to him are often at the end of their available options, and he makes it his personal mission to help them successfully navigate this process in order to get back to normal and profitable operation. Attorney Jeter understands how important it is to have quality representation and advocacy on your side when going through this process, and you can trust that his nearly 40 years of experience will help you reach the outcome you’re seeking. Here at J. Roland Jeter, P.C., we recognize how stressful financial debt can be, and we recognize how important it to business owners that their most valuable investment is protected and cared for with the same level of dedication and attention you would give it yourself.

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How Chapter 11 Works

Unlike Chapters 7 and 13, Chapter 11 is primarily used by businesses (though individuals may also choose to utilize it in rare circumstances).In Chapter 11 procedures, no trustee is appointed, but instead the business is allowed to continue with operations as a “debtor in possession.” A trustee is only appointed to take over operations from the “DIP” if it finds sufficient cause to do so.

A bankruptcy court does take over many of the major decisions during a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, including:

  • Sale of assets beyond normal business operations (i.e. inventory sold in normal course of business)
  • Entering or breaking a lease of property
  • Shutting down or expanding business operations
  • Entering into or modifying any agreements, including vendor, licensing, or union contracts
  • Retention of or payment of professionals such as accountants or attorneys

While business operations continue, the debtor has a four-month window in which to propose a reorganization plan. This plan is essentially an agreement between the debtor and creditors about how they will be paid back in the future. Usually this is accomplished by downsizing to free up assets, but other times other methods are used.

Because dealing with creditors can be such a hassle, it’s strongly encouraged that you seek assistance from an attorney. Don’t hesitate to contact J. Roland Jeter, P.C. online now to start reviewing your options!

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