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Struggling under financial debt can be stressful for anyone, but fortunately there are ways to find relief and pull yourself back on your feet. If you’re considering declaring bankruptcy as a way of regaining your financial independence, you’ll have several different types to choose from. Chapter 7 is perhaps the most well-known type of personal bankruptcy, and involves liquidating your assets in order to pay off creditors and have your debts discharged. At J. Roland Jeter, P.C., we are determined to help you choose the best option for your situation and help you rebuild your credit rating as soon as possible, including by guiding you through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Attorney Jeter has helped numerous clients throughout his multi-decade career. Since starting his practice back in 1978, he has dedicated himself to helping Dallas and Fort Worth residents get the legal counsel and trustworthy advice they need in order to find quick ideal solutions. He understands how devastating and strenuous crippling debt can be, and also recognizes that people who fall to unmanageable levels don’t always get there due to circumstances they can control. He always provides each client with the utmost professionalism and tact, ensuring they receive counsel that has their best interests and well-being in mind.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained

When it comes to bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is perhaps the most simple, and it’s often the one people think of when they hear the term. In short, Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to freeze all collections acts against you, add up all of your assets, apply exemptions in order to keep some of them, and then allow the remainder to be liquidated (sold off) in order to pay your creditors. In exchange, whatever unsecured debts you may have are discharged.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help get rid of debts, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card debt
  • Outstanding utility bill charges
  • Unsecured personal loans

Means Test

Not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7: in order to do so, you must pass a “means test,” which essentially shows that your expenses dramatically outweigh your income. Essentially, if your income is below the median income for a household of your size in your state, you pass. If not, if your “disposable income” level is below an accepted threshold, you also can file for Chapter 7.

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