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Unlike an uncontested divorce, a contested divorce can result in a long and strenuous court process with lots of litigation and negotiation before a judge. Simply put, you file for a contested divorce when you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement that is fair for both of you, and need the court to make decisions through their verdict. The vast majority of divorce cases are contested divorces.

It is strongly advised that you seek counsel from an experienced Irving divorce lawyer if you are going through a contested divorce. Having skilled counsel from J. Roland Jeter, P.C. on your side can help protect and maintain your best interests throughout your case. We recognize the emotionally-overwhelming nature of divorce cases, which is why we are dedicated to providing trustworthy support through personalized legal advice. We know that no two cases are alike, which is why we place your wishes and desires at the forefront of all our decisions throughout your case.

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Counsel for a Complex Divorce

A contested divorce can be exceedingly complex, depending on your ability to work with your spouse, the possessions you have, and your wishes for after your divorce. For this reason, it’s strongly advised that you retain an experienced attorney who can help you formulate your case and present it before the court in the most effective manner.

We may be able to help you with the following provisions of a contested divorce:

Having an attorney on your side is extra important when children are involved in your contested divorce. Without knowledgeable counsel, you could find your rights to see and spend time with your loved ones jeopardized by your ex. Attorney Jeter knows how important it is that you continue to play a role in the lives of your children, and fights diligently to help you obtain the desired outcome to your case.

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